Dear Diary, I am…on an adventure.

My skin burned in the subzero January wind as I stood soaking wet on the snow-covered beach smiling for my parent’s camera. I had definitely picked a good year (2013) to do the annual polar plunge in Lake Michigan—the worst in fourteen years some said. I bundled up as other people ran out onto icy Lake Michigan to dunk into a hole of water that the firefighters had cut away. I ran to the car as fast as I could. Fortunately, God created the body with amazing survival skills, and I managed to warm up faster than even my parents. I looked at my legs, bleeding from running through the icy water. I would definitely have a story to tell my friends when I got back to Florida. Yes, it might have been extreme and maybe even a little crazy—stupid was the word Grandma used—to jump into Lake Michigan in the middle of winter, but after growing up thinking that my life was extremely boring, I realized it didn’t have to be boring; and in fact, maybe it wasn’t. Continue reading