Dear Diary, I am…exploring close to home.

I love traveling. I love visiting new places, exploring different states, and flying around the world. Although I have visited a couple foreign countries and a few states, I don’t often get the chance to go on big trips. My budget screams louder than my wanderlust. And sometimes my mode of transportation that brings me to my new adventure is my bike.

When I moved into my new city, I was excited. This would give me the chance to explore something new. However, what I had seen of the city of about 60,000 was not very impressive. Continue reading


Dear Diary, I am…a dreamer.

It happened all at once—the shooting. People were screaming, everyone was running away in different directions. It looked like there would be many casualties. I heard the shooter running in my direction. I grabbed my knife and crouched. Just as he ran past, I stabbed him and grabbed his gun, saving the remaining people in the area. Once the mess settled down, ambulances cleared out the wounded, and police started their investigation, it came out that I was the hero. I saved the day. Continue reading